Commercial Engineering

  • Vehicle Sales, Service and Repair
  • Retail (Small, Discount and Big Box stores)
  • Offices and Banks
  • Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Restaurants and Pubs
  • Dental and Medical Offices, Clinics, Veterinary Services
  • Clubs and Fitness Centres

OTS has a long list of commercial mechanical engineering projects to its credit – new construction, renovation and retrofit. Our resume includes car dealerships and garages, small as well as big box retail stores, offices, banks, resorts, restaurants and fitness centres. Although not strictly classified as commercial, we have worked on dental and medical offices, clinics and veterinary service buildings. We are able to provide cost effective, efficient HVAC designs which meet the varying, and sometimes specialized, needs of our clients.

Safran HVAC

Safran HVAC

Home hardware HVAC

Home Hardware HVAC

Turnbull Medical Building HVAC

Turnbull Medical Building HVAC

Siemens Exhaust System

Siemens Exhaust System

Ricky's Grill Commercial Engineering

Ricky's Grill

Kamloops Commercial Engineering Home Hardware Project

Home Hardware Kamloops

Best Western Commercial Enginnering

Best Western

Subaru Commercial Engineering

Peterborough Subaru

Peterborough Volkswagen Commercial Engineering

Peterborough Volkswagen

Rona Commercial Engineering